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June is bustin' out all over

Each year as Pride month comes to an end, I'm always shocked at how many activities we manage to squeeze into such a short amount of time. I hope the festivities renewed a bit of love for yourself and our community. At times, it can feel like the world is filled with hate but we must remind ourselves that the loud voices aren't the most powerful. There's a lot of love in the world and although we may lose a battle now and then, we have never, and will never, lose the war.

I had the opportunity to be the guest emcee for the 2nd Annual Gateway Grizzlies Pride Night. Thankfully Tiffany T Hunter joined me or I would never have been able to keep track of the innings. She was the perfect stage mom and explained all the rules of baseball to me. Don't quiz me because I wasn't actually paying much attention. The uniforms are so cute and provide a welcome distraction.

PrideFest in St. Louis is always the last full weekend of June and I was ecstatic to be able to march in the parade as All American Goddess. About 300,000 people attend our festival and there's love in the air. Having my best friend from college and her two children walk with me in the parade was a special treat. Right before the parade started, I had the chance to have a chat with US Representative Cori Bush and thank her for the extraordinary work she is doing in the US House of Representatives. She has definitely made St. Louis proud.

Another special treat was getting to spend some time with my friend, Holly, from NYC. She was in town performing in Beauty and the Beast at The Muny and was able to join me for the parade and a few hours at the festival. I don't know how I ended up with the most amazing friends in the world but I'm truly blessed.

I don't get starstruck often but I nearly fainted when Idina Menzel hugged me.

It's the 105th summer of amazing shows at The Muny and this season does not disappoint. Chess, which does not happen to be at the top of the Tabbi's Favorite Shows list, brought some of my absolute favorite people to town. Never miss an opportunity to hear Jessica Vosk sing anything, and if Taylor Louderman and Marissa Rosen are there also, count your blessings. Shoutout to Rey for keeping me company.

We started July off with a bang with the sold out premiere of the Rooftop Revue Drag Brunch at the gorgeous Hotel Saint Louis downtown. St. Louis' own Big Boss Vette even joined us and cheered along for the All The Pretty Girls Walk Like This competition. I'm excited for this partnership to continue as we return in August to make some fabulous new memories.

I know there are so many amazing things in store for this next year and I can't wait to experience all of them with you. I'll be reuniting with All American Gent, Angel, and All American Goddess at Large, Jelitza Fierce, for EOY weekend in Louisville, Kentucky, We hope to see you there too!

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