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Miss Gay America - Jan 2022

Truth be told, my experiences watching and supporting contestants at Miss Gay America is genuinely the reason I’m doing drag today. I was first introduced to the system while dancing in my drag mother‘s (Ali Kat) talent in 2003 at Miss Gay Missouri America. I was truly honored in 2017 to be named the 44th Miss Gay Missouri America.

This year, I had the opportunity to head back to Little Rick, Arkansas to cheer on four contestants from Missouri and multiple friends I’ve creates over the years. Congratulations to Atheena Voce and Vega on their Top Ten placements and to Trixie LaRue and Roxxy Malone for representing #TeamMissouri excellently.

The perfect cast of characters can transform a lovely pageant-watching excursion into something stellar. My crew included former All American Goddesses Nikki Vixen and Tiffany Hunter, and #1 Fan/Bestie, Jake Green.

What a treat to see the very first Miss Gay America, Norma Kristie, back in the game!

Congratulations to Pattaya Hart on a fabulous extended reign,

and kudos to the new Miss Gay America, Dextaci! I‘m looking forward to watching you this next year.

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