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Sunshine State AAG - Dec 2021

December started off with a brief, but lovely, getaway to Tampa, Florida to watch/perform at Sunshine State AAG, promoted by Aaron and Vinny Bailey-Santamarina. Trust me when I say I did not expect this 36-hour trip to surround me with so many cocks.

I’m convinced that the rooster is the official mascot of Ybor City. There were rooster murals, rooster flower planters, and actual roosters everywhere. We had chicken wings at Gaspar’s Grotto for lunch and I listened closely to ensure they weren’t ”locally-sourced”, which obviously would have meant straight from the patio. According to the barefoot DJ, Dan, after cock-fighting was outlawed they just released the chickens in the streets and everyone seems to like having them around. TBH, I didn’t have any complaints until a wild chicken street fight worked its way into the coffee shop.

One of the coolest parts was the local street car that spans 2 miles and 11 stops. Obviously you can’t take a gay St. Louisan anywhere near a street car without a couple rousing verses of “Clang, Clang, Clang went the trolley” (Bonus points since it was Anheuser-Busch themed)

One of the things I love most about pageants is reuniting with friends from across the country in new places. Autumn Holiday, co-promoter of Miss Gay Springfield America, drove over from St. Petersburg to spend the day with us and substitute “Daddy” Jesse, from AJA talent, was in town to play.

Congratulations to the Sunshine State AAG 2022 family.

Goddess, Gabrielle Fearce Santi

Gent, Adam Cole

Goddess at Large, Delores T VanCartier

And a special thank you to Vinny and Aaron for the opportunity to perform during the pageant.

But in all seriousness … the absolute highlight of this trip came on Monday morning when forever Goddess, Tiffany T Hunter, reigning Goddess Olivia Rae Taylor, and AAG Husband, Nicholas took us to the Scientology Headquarters in Clearwater.

Leah Remini would’ve been proud of Tiffany for her efforts to convert the Sea Org recruits. I was pretty sure we might end up getting escorted out of Florida.

All in all, Florida did not disappoint and I’m looking forward to returning soon!

Need something fun this weekend? I’ll be twirling in St. Louis on Friday and then in Columbia on Saturday!

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